Are You Playing to Your Strengths?
How do we maximize our potential while building our brand? Well for starters, we don't pull our hair out attempting to do things we aren't good at while being frustrated that our business isn't growing. 
Does this sound familiar?
Whether you're looking for some clarity on what to do next or you're balding from all that hair pulling, 
this Social Media Strategy quiz is for YOU! 
Take the Quiz below and discover the best social media strategy for your personality type!
Before: Weak Social Media Strategy
What we were thinking: "Just grab content as we go, quality doesn't matter, content is just content! 
Grab a picture then write a lesson to go with it!"
After: Strong Social Media Strategy
What we now know: "Be intentional with lighting, setup and timing! Gather popular content from other creators and feature their quotes and lessons. Write a lesson, then find or take a relevant picture to go with it!"
How do you win the social media game?
Win YOUR social media game.
Ever competed in a strong man competition? Yeah, we haven’t either. But if there was a weak-AF-social-media-strategy competition we would be gold medal finalists. For real. 
Why would we win weak-AF-social-media-strategy of the year? 
Because we were weak. AF. Literally. 
We weren’t focusing on our strengths and we lost our ability to follow through. 
Why did we do this to ourselves? 
We thought we ‘had’ to do all the things and it was overwhelming, off-putting and honestly not generating anything we were proud of. 
Did you see the before and afters? Look at the effect on the numbers and photo quality! 
A couple proverbial slaps to the face got us to wake the eff up and start playing to our strengths and now we want to (proverbially) slap you too. 
Consider this quiz the wake up slap you need and start winning at your social media strategy today!
Now you know...
  • Your Social Media Personality
  • Where to Spend Your Time Most Effectively
  • ​How to Not Hate Social Media MArketing
So how do you Grow?
  • Do Nothing (and nothing changes)
  • Google it (and risk the rabbit hole)
  • ​Get this free Ebook (and start growing now)
Build Your Audience
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We Want You to Be Successful...
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