Does Your Social Media Need a Boost?
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The Booster Pack Includes 3 main products to give your platform an instant boost!
6 Adobe Lightroom Filters
In the social media game, you know that the photos matter. We’ve designed 6 custom filters for you to instantly implement and get your photos to a professional and exciting quality. These easy to use and unique filters transform your photos and help set you apart!
50 Pre-Made Stories
We all know stories are important for influence but they can be cumbersome. That’s why having stories in your pocket or on autopilot for a couple of months can really make the difference. We've designed 50 gorgeous stories that are ready to use immediately. 
Bio & Highlight Templates
Grabbing the attention of your potential followers when they hit your page can be difficult. With these templates and 
easy-to-use instructions, your platform will go from "whelming" to "wow!"  in less than 5 minutes. 
Getting Started or Gaining Momentum in Your Influence?
Let us give you a boost!
We would never equip you without educating you which is why you get FOR FREE: Planner and Social Media Ebook library
Social Media Planner
Okay we know it sounds like a snooze but seriously, it is SO helpful!! You take the content we have provided and use these calendars to plan out how you will post. It’s super easy to use and makes keeping up with daily content a ga-jillion times easier. Trust us on this one- it’s a game changer!
6 Incredibly Useful Ebooks!
We strongly believe in the power of reading and these 6 ebooks can help you take your knowledge from basic to bad-ass. The cool thing about ebooks is that they're instant, they're not crazy long and they're packed full of information, knowledge is power!
  • ​​Facebook Ad Miracles!
  • ​Beating The Odds of Social Media
  •  Growing your Business with Instagram
  •  Marketing on Facebook
  •  How to Podcast
  •  Using Facebook Live to Build an Audience
  •  Using Social Media to Build Email Lists
This package estimated at $250 for only $147!
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